The Rinnai 330L is our most commonly purchased solar hot water system. It is suitable for any average size family house in Perth. The two panels coupled with the 330L system will provide enough solar gain and storage during the majority of the year for a family of 3-4. For a family with a larger water use the tank has an element built into the tank. This electric backup is generally wired into a switch in the meter box which can be turned off and on as needed, and connected through the thermostat which heats the water to 60deg when left on in winter to help keep the storage tank germ free (on a 30deg day the tank should heat itself to the 60deg generally negating the need to turn on the element in summer).

With a solar hot water system we install a high performance tempering valve to make sure the water through your tap doesn't burn - but along with this tempering valve the Rinnai also comes as standard with a TA (Thermosiphon Arrester) Valve. This sits between the tank and the panels to restrict and slow the water running through the panels on hot days so the tank doesn't overheat and dump water.





Solar to solar installed $2,900 after rebates

Fully install from Gas or electric $3,500 after rebates



Currently available in "Dune"